Mumbai’s Coastal Road: Costlier

Mumbai’s ambitious coastal road project, aimed at easing traffic congestion and enhancing connectivity along the city’s coastline, is set to incur additional costs amounting to Rs 339.32 crore. The proposed increase in expenses has raised concerns among citizens and policymakers alike, as the project’s budget expands, potentially impacting the overall timeline and financial viability.

Rising Costs and Project Challenges

The coastal road project, envisioned as a 29.2-kilometer freeway stretching from Nariman Point to Kandivali, was initially estimated to cost Rs 12,721 crore. However, recent developments indicate that unforeseen challenges and increased construction expenses have pushed the total budget up to Rs 13,060.32 crore.

The primary factors contributing to the escalated costs are the rising prices of raw materials, such as cement, steel, and asphalt, which have witnessed a significant surge in the past year. Additionally, delays in acquiring the required permissions and clearances have further hindered the project’s progress, leading to increased expenditures.

Mitigation Measures and Funding

To address the budgetary concerns, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to allocate additional funds from its internal reserves. The MMRDA officials have assured citizens that the revised budget will not impact other ongoing infrastructure projects in the city.

Moreover, the authorities are exploring possibilities of cost optimization by streamlining construction processes and exploring alternative sourcing options for materials. These measures are expected to mitigate the financial burden to some extent and ensure timely completion of the project.

Public Reaction and Stakeholder Response

The news of the cost increase has sparked mixed reactions among Mumbaikars. While some express concerns about the burden falling on taxpayers, others emphasise the long-term benefits of the coastal road project in reducing travel time and enhancing connectivity. Several citizen groups have urged the government to maintain transparency in project expenses and ensure adequate oversight to prevent cost overruns in the future.

The state government has assured citizens that it will closely monitor the project’s progress and take necessary steps to ensure financial accountability. The Chief Minister has emphasised the importance of completing the coastal road project as planned, highlighting its potential to transform Mumbai’s transportation infrastructure and promote economic growth.


As the coastal road project in Mumbai faces an increased expenditure of Rs 339.32 crore, the city’s development authorities are grappling with the challenge of balancing the rising costs with the need for timely completion. While the additional funds will be sourced from internal reserves, the authorities are exploring ways to optimise expenses and streamline construction processes. The project’s successful execution is crucial for alleviating traffic congestion and improving connectivity in Mumbai. Therefore, it is imperative that stakeholders maintain transparency, exercise fiscal prudence, and adopt effective measures to mitigate cost escalations, ensuring the project’s long-term benefits for the city and its residents.

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