LATICRETE 20 Kg Latafinish (Fine Finish) Wall Putty, Bag

Packaging Size
20 kg
Packaging Type
1.5 mm


Product Specification

Packaging Size 20 kg
Packaging Type Bag
Form Powder
Thickness 1.5 mm
Color White
Coverage Approx. 16 to 20 sq. ft. per kg

Product Description

This wall putty is a unique formulation of white cement and high performance chemicals and polymers which can be applied on damp as well as dry surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • White cement based Wall Putty
  • White, smooth & glossy finish
  • Does not allow paint to flake
  • Protects paint from moisture
  • Curing is not required
  • Ideal for interior & exterior walls

The Wall Surface to be applied with Wall Putty should be Smooth Cement Plaster (Cement: Sand preferably in the ratio of 1:6). Surface free from Structural Crack & having been cured for 28 days.. The surface should be free from dirt, oil, grease and other loosely adhered foreign materials.

Surface Preparation:

  • The Cement Plaster Surface should be cured for 28 days to achieve proper strength before application of Wall Putty
  • The Surface should not have any Structural cracks. Any Non Structural Cracks to be treated first with appropriated crack filler before applying putty
  • Ensure the surface is cleaned from all the dust , grease & loose materials with the help of emery stone / putty blade/ wire brush together with clean water
  • Pre wet the surface before applying Wall Putty
  • Important to ensure that cement plaster surface should be pre wet to such an extent that it should not absorb water from putty coat


Mix LATAFINISH® Wall Putty with around 35% of clean/potable water to make a paste of workable consistency . The mixing has to be done till a uniform paste is prepared. Once the paste is prepared it is left for 5 to 10 minutes before application to ensure complete reactions of admixtures present in putty. Mix only that much quantity of putty paste which can be used in 2 hours time.


  • Clean & Pre wet the plaster surface before applying LATAFINISH® Putty
  • Make a LATAFINISH® Putty paste which can be used in 2 hours time
  • Apply the first coat of putty on pre wet surface from bottom to upward direction with putty blade
  • After drying of first coat of putty clean the surface with smooth dry cloth followed by wet cloth
  • Apply second coat of putty after about 3.0 hrs of first coat
  • Allow the surface to dry for minimum 12 hours
  • The Putty to be applied in two coats at a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm
  • Before paint application clean the putty surface for all the loosely adhered material and use very fine water resistant emery paper ( preferably more than 500 Nos) only if there are marks of putty blade on the surface
  • During application of putty the surface should be protected from direct sunlight till the two coats of putty are dried

Areas of Application

  • Designed for interior and exterior surfaces
  • To make uneven surfaces to even and smooth surfaces

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